” If I cannot b…

” If I cannot be the person my dogs thinks I am then I am not honoring my life.”


My boy Collin the Collie from Collyville, TX.  He was one of the sweetest, endearing dogs I have had the absolute pleasure to live with.  Collin was my first rescue when I moved from Alaska to Texas to take a job.  I had just lost my best friend of 18 years, Merri Dog and my dear sweet Siberian Kaya. My world and Bryson’s (my last Vermont dog’s) world was crashing in.  Then…we found Collin!  He came into our lives and filled some very large and painful places.  We loved him with all our heart(s) and had a full life.

Collin passed in December 2012 and again the pain was real, the place that was filled was once again void.  But we were honored to have him for the time we did.  I have my BlueDog and Laddie dog still and we have each other.  Until we meet again my dear, sweet beautiful boy.  We love you for ever and ever.  Kaya, Merri and Bryson are with you and someday we will all meet and never be without again.  XXXXXXOOOOOO